Tuesday: Die Blaue Stunde

Berlin’s infamous Speakeasy*

Live music every week (1rt Set at 10 PM)
2 dancefloors
Check line up here
Recommended donation: 5-10 €
Each Tuesday at 9 PM
Mehringdamm 61, 1. courtyard, 2nd floor left
* A true Speakeasy is well hidden: Enter via the first side building, than second floor / left door


What happens at Die Blaue Stunde?

At Die Blaue Stunde there’s live music each Tuesday – danceable live music. The line up consists of New Orleans and Traditional Jazz, Gospel and Folk, Country, Bluegrass and Western Swing but also Rhythm’n’Blues and early Rock’n Roll. So roughly music from 1910 till 1960.

And that’s because the force that occurs when live music makes people dance with each other is everywhere the same: Be it in the Jazz clubs and speakeasies of American metropolises or in the most remote barn dances, honky tonks or juke joints – human beings always wanted and will for ever want to forget their worries, enjoy live and celebrate debauchery. Everywhere. And more than ever in Berlin!

At the bar there are related drinks and after the live show selected DJs spin their wildest records – and none of it ends, as long as there is someone who still wants to party. You see: Such a twilight hour (that’s what Die Blaue Stunde translates into) can go on for quite some time…


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