Bal: Follows keep leading

Let’s continue to get confident in leading together! Cause as I have said before: I want this class to become a regular place for Follows to meet and work together on their leading (and therefore also their following) skills amongst each other…

So here comes your chance to finally become more fluent as a leader. Trust me: It ain’t a book with sieben Siegeln. We will start with Toss-Out and then start learning the first variations and moves.
You’ll learn amongst other well trained Follows who can give you proper feedback. In a small group. It will be fun, fast and efficient. And after that the dance floor will be ALL yours. Promise.

You can stay for the Leads learn to follow class happening afterwards to try out your new skills for half the prize!

On a side note:
I seriously know how nice it can be to just go to a dance(class) and follow someone else who was brave enough to learn how to lead in the past.
But I also know that when you keep doing that you’ll always be dependent on someone else being kind enough to register or dance with you.

If you want to know many more benefits that await you: I put them all together here.

Level: for experienced Balboa Follows
6 Wednesdays in a row: 03.04.- 08.05.
Timeslot: 20:00 – 21:00
Costs for the 6 classes: 70€
Teachers: Anna & Romo la Davies
Location: Media Luna
(Körtestraße 33, backyard – please ring the bell)

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