Bal: Technique & Stretch

OBACHT: This time I am aiming for a more homogenous class level wise – I want it to be as efficient as possible for everyone. (And it doesn’t make sense to take part in such a class if you have barely started. It’s meant for people who really want to understand why things work – and how!)

This is a one time special class:
It’s going to extend the Footwork & Posture Special for all dancing in open position. We will take time to experience compression and stretch deeply and from both sides – yes: the class is ELEF again.
That doesn’t mean you need to be able to fully lead all Basics to take part – we won’t focus on how to get into Lollies (eg) but in order to really understand the underlying technique you need to experience the key moments from both sides. Therefore we’ll dissect the most common moves (so you have no other chance but learning to lead them along the way if that isn’t yet the case…) and explore their similarities and differences. Once you understand how proper Out & Ins feel you will understand how little the difference between leading and following actually is…

Johanna and I will mingle in the rotation as much as possible to give you personal feedback. We want you to maintain a beautiful posture also in open position. And on top of it make your body snap into place like gear wheels whenever it’s asked for – and without needing brain activity for it. We will also work with backleading exercises to make leaders understand how few but precise activity is actually needed to lead. We will also show you exercises to work on that on your own – and again my plan (this time for sure!) is to film each other to analyze your partner dance skills profoundly. I want you to learn what to keep and what to change in this class.

After each class you’ll arrive just in time for the party at Rotbart to shine with your new skills on the social dance floor.

Class is limited to 16 people.

Remember: There’s a 10€ discount if you register for 2 entire courses.

Level: experienced (!) Balboa dancers (ELEF)
> It’s not about being able to lead, but experiencing both sides to fully understand the mechanics!
6 Wednesdays in a row
09.01. / 16.01. / 23.01. / 30.01. / 06.02. / 13.02.
Timeslot: 21:00 – 22:00
Costs for the 6 classes: 70 € for everybody
Teachers: Anna & Johanna
Location: Media Luna
(Körtestraße 33, backyard – please ring the bell)

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