Balboa for beginners

Learn the basics of one of the most beautiful swing dances on earth – with or without partner! And without gender nonsense. The class is suitable for complete beginners as well as for people with a little pre-knowledge or refreshers.

No partner needed! (everybody leads and follows)
6 Wednesdays in a row: 8.1. – 12.2.
Timeslot: 18:30 – 19:30
Costs for all 6 classes: 70 €

About Balboa:
Balboa is a full body contact swing dance that is danced to rather fast music – but due to its close connection you can also nicely use it for the slow tunes. It evolved in the 20s in California and was THE thing to do through the 30s up to the 40s – and nowadays all over the planet. (And lucky you: Berlin is called a Balboa Mekka!) It’s the coolest and smoothest dance in the world: very delicate and with slightly crazy footwork. Balboa is also danced in open position (it can get quite fast and dynamic!) – it’s then called Bal-Swing.
And the best thing is that you can learn its basics quite fast – and join Berlins happiest dance parties. ‘Cause you don’t learn to dance for being in class. You learn it to party, meet new friends, drink, laugh and listen to hot and happy (live) music – and of course: to dance!

But be aware: Your new hobby will eat up your nights! You can join the Balboa party at Rotbart (Neukölln) after class for example…

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