Special: Mix up Lindy & Bal!

My favorite class continues: Different dance forms shouldn’t be put in boxes. It is such great fun to seamlessly transition from one dance to another! You can take this class with or without partner!

The goal is clear: we want to dance without borders in our minds. We want to let the music decide what happens instead of our brains. Allowed is whatever works. And if it doesn’t work we’ll try again – or find something completely new!

The class is happening at The.Word.Berlin in Schöneberg with a nice bar to help you get into the mood. The place has just opened and is most beautiful – and so much in one: Literature Cafe and Lending Library, Craft Beer Bar, Event and Co-working space featuring books on Black, P.O.C. and LGBTQ experience.
So after the class you can hang out at the bar in the main room, see the current exhibition for free, have a chat and some food or try out your new steps – there’s plenty of space. And you can take home a different book each week!

You can practice what you will have learned after the class on location or move directly to the party at Villa Neukölln – you will be just on time for the band!

See more news and who’s coming in the Facebook Event

Level: All dancers somehow fluent in both dances and roles
No partner required! (everybody leads and follows)
6 Thursdays in a row: 04.04.- 09.05.
Timeslot: 19:00-20:00 (with plenty of time to hang out after class)
Costs for the 6 classes: 70€
Teachers: Anna & Marlene