I have online class material ready to be sent anytime – and there will be more to come. You don’t need a partner to join the classes, but you can follow them together.

Available Balboa contents right now:
* Follows learn to lead
* Balboa for Beginners 1 & 2
* Uphold Special (int)
* Open and close (int/adv)
* Pure Bal: Moving vs. Stationary (int/adv)
* Pure Bal (adv)
* Bal-Swing advanced 1 & 2

and also:
* My favorite Lindy moves 1 & 2 (int/adv)
While registering for an ONLINE class please specify which content you want to receive in the comments. If you have any questions please just drop me a line… Thank you!

Price for 6 videos per class:
just the videos: 40€
with personal feedback: 70€
(just send me a video to get detailed advice!)