Please check CLASSES (and/or WORKSHOPS) for specific dates and such. Here’s some general information about how everything works  (to register please scrall down):

At Brave New Swing everybody dances both as a lead and a follow so that no one needs to find a partner first – and even more important: to enable a deeper understanding of the dance.
Together with your (old or new) friends you will learn in groups. That means: after a beginner’s class you don’t go directly to the intermediate level. You will stay together until the whole groupe can be merged with the next level. And for intermediate and advanced: it’s the same!

Next round of classes:
8.8. / 15.8. / 22.8. / 29.8. / 5.9. / 12.9.
10.8. / 17.8. / 24.8. / 31.8. / 7.9. / 14.9.