* You can find a partner to register with here 
* You can find an overview of all classes here
* You can register all by yourself or with a fixed partner

* If you have registered on your own you can choose one fixed partner for each class 
* There will be no rotation!
* If you miss a class you can check the video recap online at Slack 
For couples/friends: One registration form for each person coming please…
Thank you very much!  

General terms and conditions:

1. Registering is binding.

1.1 Classes:
Once accepted to the class each student has to pay the fee in cash when taking the first class. 

1.2 Workshops:
The workshop fee has to be payed before being accepted to the workshop (paypal or bank transfer – you will receive the payment details per e-mail).

2. Cancellation:
Cancellations must be written by email.

2.1 Earlier than one week before the first day of the class/workshop:
You can transfer your fees to a voucher to be used for a different class/workshop in the future.

2.2 Within one week before the first day of the class/workshop:
You will be charged the whole fee per invoice.

3. The students take classes and workshops at their own risk.
Brave new Swing does neither take any responsibility for incidents and/or injuries nor for stolen or lost personal items.

4. You will automatically receive my newsletter by email once you register.
You can easily opt out of it by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of each newsletter!