Lindy: Follows learn to lead!

In one of my favorite classes this year we taught experienced Lindy Follows how to lead a proper Swing Out in 6 hours. And as I still want to see so many more girls leading on the dance floor I decided to do it again – but this time as an intensiv weekend workshop.
So Follows: this is your chance to become a leader in Lindy – in one weekends’ time! You will train with other skilled dancers who already know how to follow well. And that means you’ll learn in a fast, efficient and fun way – from basic to Swing Out in 6 hours!

And you know what: Being able to lead gives you so much power – you will be able to dance with whom you want, when you want and HOW you want. Woohoo!

Level: for experienced Lindy Follows
> learn the other role from basic till Swing-Out!
August 3 & 4 from 12:00 – 15:00
Costs for all 6 hours: 75€
Teachers: Anna & Romo la Davies
Location: Freudenzimmer (Kreuzberg), Mehringdamm 61, 1rt side wing, 2nd floor

Special price for both workshops* that weekend:
11 h of classes for 130€

* happening the same days before:
Essentials of Slow Bal

Registration is open here.

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