Lindy for beginners

Learn the basics of one of the most popular swing dances on earth – with or without partner! And without gender nonsense. The class is suitable for complete beginners as well as for people with a little pre-knowledge or refreshers.

About Lindy:
Lindy (Hop) looks often quite sporty but we will make you dance smoothly: you won’t be taught to hop – but how to get into the flow for joyful social dancing. You will learn to dance effortlessly, relaxed, smooth, tight and generally small to be well prepared for Berlin’s crowded dance floors – and for fast music! We don’t feature the show-off and acrobatic aspect of Lindy Hop, but use it’s principles (stretch and counter balance) to enable a real good connection between you and your partners – in both roles. ‘Cause you don’t learn to dance for being in class. You learn it to party, meet new friends, drink, laugh and listen to hot and happy (live) music – and of course: to dance!

But be aware: Your new hobby will eat up your nights!

No partner needed! (everybody leads, everybody follows)
October 19/20, 15:30 – 18:00 both days
Costs for all 5 hours: 60 €
Teachers: Anna & Romo la Davies
Location: Freudenzimmer
(Mehringdamm 61, first backyard, up the stairs)

You can join the regular classes at Brave new Swing after attending the workshop! Or continue the weekend of November 16/17

Special price for both workshops* that weekend:
10 h of classes for 110€
* happening the same days after this workshop:
Balboa for beginner!


Registration is open here

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