© David Gauffin

Anna’s life as a dancer begins in her teens with square competitions in Ballroom and latin-american dances. Even if that doesn’t swing it has the benefit that she is able to waltz and foxtrot before she discovers Paris’ Swing scene in 2008.

And it still adds to her repertoire today. Because Anna ist most happy when she is able to mix all the dances: Lindy, Bal, 20s Charleston, Collegiate Shag, One Step, Peabody – or whatever the music is asking her to do.

Anna’s principal goal in class is to empower followers to dance (instead of follow only).

As DJ ‘Professor Shorthair’ Anna loves to see people swing out to her favorite 60s records and she also plays washboard with her band ‘Die Abrissbirnen‘ (The Wrecking Balls). She puts on the wildest parties in Berlin and two crazy weeklong dance events: Swing and Balboa Castle Camp.

Anna likes to lead as much as she likes to follow, because she has a mind of her own. And that’s very visible when you watch her feet…: Videos